My Experience at a Winery: The Basics of Working in the Field

Ever wondered what it would be like to produce one if the world’s most in-demand and common drinks? Well, being at a winery for a visit is miles away compared to actually working at one. Today we will investigate everything that goes into making a great wine, from planting seeds, mowing the lawn with the best zero turn mower, to picking the grapes. The process in making wine takes a very long time, it all begins at a vineyard where grapes are grown and tended to for months. Then they are picked at peak season, and there begins the process of wine-making, a craft that differs per region but with the same end result – a delicious wine.

Growing grapes isn’t easy. They require a lot of planning to ensure growth and quality. They are usually planted early spring in deep soil with a lot of air circulation and soaked in water a few hours before actually planting them. Since grapes are vines they also need a trellis to grow on; they are those structures that are usually seen in most vineyards. Furthermore, grapes need more on-hand pampering throughout their growth. They need to be pruned more often than not because pruning yields more fruit. So when visiting a vineyard or winery, make sure to look around and ask if they need help in tending to the grapes because this is usually the more laborious task in the field especially when it involves the care and preservation of the vine.

After peak season, the grapes are picked and await juice extraction. They are de-stemmed and crushed through the means of machines, and the resulting juice is called Must. Afterward, the Must is mixed with yeast and left to ferment for some time which can be as a month. The clarification comes next where wine is filtered to remove solids such as skins and dead yeast cells. This ensures a clarified wine ready for aging. The last step is the longest; it’s aging the wine. It can be done in oak barrels or in the bottle itself. Most wineries will continually check on the aging wines, and if you visit one, you might be able to taste some. In the end, they are bottled, and cork screwed and shipped to stores internationally.

Whenever you visit a winery, make sure to ask a lot of questions on the processes they do. This could be a great hint to the actual taste and quality of wine they actually produce. Also, make sure to converse with those who work there. Ask them if they need help with the grapes or maintenance with the wine because the work at a winery is not easy. The process of wine-making is not common knowledge, and little know-how will give you a great edge in this modern world.

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