Wines and BBQ: Organizing the Ideal Little Party

One would think that a simple backyard BBQ would just comprise of ice-cold beer and some great company in the cold night singing songs and generally having fun. So what is the best wine for a propane smoker BBQ? The answer, there is really no perfect combination! It really depends on the meat and the flavors in them. However, here are some tips to remember when pairing meats and wines. It’s the classic stress reliever but why not step it up a little? Maybe add a little fancy to the occasion? A great wine paired with some delicious meat would add a bit of excitement in everyone.

There are a lot of great wines to choose from. There are reds, whites, champagnes and lot more fancier ones but those are the basics. A great one paired with some smoky meat is layer upon layer of great flavors, and with the right combination, one’s palate would experience heaven.


With all the meat juices running around and wine replacing beer. The purpose of the wine should be to cleanse one’s palate but does so while enriching the combined flavors of the meat and juice. Sauvignon Blanc is an example of such wines; however, sparkling wines generally have the same effects.

Opposites Attract

To achieve great combinations of flavors, one cannot offer out the same flavors over and over again. A great synergy is to oppose the rich, heavy flavors of the meat to sharp flavors of wine. An example would be Pinot Noir with its high acidity and fruity background it goes well with smoky and full of flavors from the meat.

Try something new

Always remember that taste is subjective and the only person one can truly trust is oneself. Go out and try different combinations and one would be surprised with all the flavors you encounter.

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