Découverte Vins is a site dedicated to the sharing of the inherent beauty of wine. Its characteristics, types, purpose, and secrets are all but common knowledge. Sommeliers, wine experts, from all over the world regularly try to encourage and teach regular people about wine, and this is also what we do. Wine for us isn’t simple, its complex even, and there is a lot to learn from the most in-demand drink that spans thousands of years back to ancient times.

Our team formed as a result of mutual interest, and since then we’ve worked hard to get to where we are now, and there is no stopping us. We we’re initially a group of people who met one night and started talking about our wine preferences. Coincidentally, we all had that knack and knowledge about wine. It gave us the passion, and now we’re trying to show that passion to the world.

We discovered that a lot of people drink wine because it’s “delicious” and do not appreciate the time and effort put into them and the over-all complexity of the beverage. This sparked an interest to educate people, and thus this blog was made. We initially planned to start it small by sharing articles about our favorite wines, sort of like a review.

Through our blog, we’d like to inform people that there are a lot of unique wines all over the world. We plan to inform them about the processes, from the harvesting to the aging as well as the different kinds of wines. The different terms such as tannins and acidity are also the key knowledge that every wine enthusiasts should know. Furthermore, a great deal of knowledge should always start at the roots, and that’s where wine history would come into play. Basically, this wine blog would be a complete database of all that is wine related and we look forward to helping you with your wine needs.